at night

at night
crazy me untill don`t know what i do

Selasa, 10 Mei 2011


PART OF THAT WORLD: Apink ALBUMS: " Apink - Seven Springs Of Apink + :Poster: $23 1. Seven Springs Of Apink (1:33) 2. 몰라요 (3:42) 3. It Girl (3:23) 4. Wishlist (3:33) 5. Boo..."

Minggu, 20 Maret 2011

sleep late

     sleep late.. hahahaha~ but in my brain is full with imagine. i wanna be a photogrpah! that`s what my mind say everytimes.. well, i alrady choose to become real photograph, not only dreaming. how? i don`t know too, but i believe that i can be.. =)

     well, i have alot of friends.. i already choose two persons of them that`s anggie dan mutiara. i don`t know why, i think they both are look differents. hahaha! well, anggie is a strong gal, although she is always shy in front of, but she isn`t. and.. she is full with joking. how i don`t want to be her friend? i think that person who`s her best friend is the lucky person.. =) and then, her voice is soooooooooo... oh my God, i don`t know how to explain it cause her voice is so good. i think she is good at sing.. ^_^
     and mutiara, she is beauty. she got small eyes like an asian people but her face aren`t. but there`s not have meaning if she is ugly. cause that`s inverted. she is so beauty and cute.. she is skinny.. that`s why i want her to be my model.. xD and, don`t forgot about her voice too.. also good, she is the 2nd student who got a good voice in my classroom.. that`s cool, right? hahaha~
     i`m searching for the job.. i hope you all can help me or our to have a good job as model and potographer or singer. i`m not brag myself, but i really need a job.. although i`m still teen. my age is 13, and this year will be 14. i`m not really tall, cause my height is 162.. hahaha!!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~how crazy what i talking about...

by the way, let`s change topic. i think what i said before is enough to tell you, guys.. ;)

     hey, do you know? i`m is one of some student in kungfu know, that`s a hard lesson. my hand was got a big bruissed until got blue color.. oh God.. but, i feel like it`s fun..xD so, i enjoy it.. :3
     it`s lucky that i ever be wushu student. so that i do not study hard for kungfu lesson.. fiuh!!! ~.~
     but, i`m only the girl who is in kungfu lesson.. sometime that`s make me feel little annoying.. but i try to enjoy it without any girls around me. but, that`s still.. oh my God. i`m looking around me is all guys. -,- i`m not really usually to close with boys, and i`m still not have a friendship at there. the person that`s still in my brain *that i`m remember at ther is only..* yanto, riyan, and dwi. and another again... i don`t know their name.. QAQ *how bad me..* hahahha

    well,, already night here.. 11:39 pm. i will go sleep. bye all.. i will write the new one soon.. =3

Selasa, 28 Desember 2010

Spice of Life: Kmaey

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Kamis, 23 Desember 2010